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Fun With Markers

Fun With Markers

A little bit ago I copied some of the artwork I found in the comic anthology Flight. I love the stories and artwork in this series of graphic novels. The series is put together by Kazu Kibuishi an absolute master at the art of telling stories through comics.

The angry bunny with the dynamite started as a straight copy of a bunny by Dave Roman. Only he didn’t have the dynamite or protest sign, the dynamite was actually added to cover up a mistake I made and one thing led to another. I like the idea of a dynamite wielding bunny! The bunny’s left arm (his left) didn’t turn out too well and the feet don’t seem to fit, but I’m very happy with the rest. I haven’t decided what he is protesting yet. I was thinking maybe  “Down with this sort of thing!”  but I’m not sure, if you have an idea let me know!

I love the whale! I copied him from a very cool story about a flying messenger whale by Jake Parker.

The face is from another artist I found in Flight, JP Ahonen. I’m happy with how it turned out.

PS I’m starting a new category named Sketches where I will store much of my rougher work and drawing exercises. Also to let everyone know, unless I state otherwise all the artwork that I post here is mine. As I’m learning to draw from time to time I find it helpful (and fun!) to copy some artwork from artists that I admire, whenever I do so I will let you know and wherever possible I will include the original artist’s name.