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Creative Destruction


Many talented graffiti artists sadly never get past signing their moniker, but those that do create truly interesting pieces of art. Anyone who doubts this has only to look to Banksy. The work that Banksy turns out is just as good as what is put up at the finest art galleries.

The trouble is, short of visiting a train yard it’s difficult to find good graffiti art, but not so in Lansing!

The Ingham County Land Bank plans on demolishing the Deluxe Inn at 112 East Main Street, but before they break out the sledge hammers they’ve invited graffiti artists from all around to come and tag their inn.

What has resulted is the hottest art gallery in all of Michigan. People flock to the abandoned inn at all times of day to get a glimpse of this art explosion which is soon to be gone forever.



The Eye

This eye is as large as I am!


Many times the illustrations would actually spill out onto the sidewalk!

Kitty Cat

Spay and Neuter

Ninja - Lighthouse

Even the nearby tree didn’t go unnoticed!




Kirby's Friend

Cube GuyFrank
And my personal favorite, the view as you climb the stairs: FRANK!!

Back To My Exercises

Hand Sketch

It’s been a while since I worked on my exercises from “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”. Here I drew a sketch of my hand giving the peace sign. I used the tracing from an earlier exercise as a reference. This was my first time learning to “tone” the paper. It adds a cool element to the drawing, makes it look closer to being lifelike somehow.

Sloth Sketch

I also tried my hand at doing the same thing with my sloth tracing. It’s still not exactly up to my liking, but it’s getting closer.