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My favorite thing to do as a kid was to draw. Every time you turned around I was on the floor with my sketchbook, pencil firmly in hand. As I grew up I stopped drawing around the age of 13. Now I’m back at it! I’ve rediscovered the joy I once had with pencil and paper. This time I’m in my late twenties with a beautiful and supportive wife. Not as much free time as I once had as a kid, but I’m still having just as much fun. I don’t expect to turn out works of creative genius right away, but I’m going to stick with it and have a great time doing it. With each drawing, win or fail, I get that much better.

I’ve created this blog to chronicle my journey as I learn to master drawing. My goal in drawing is above all else to have fun. At the moment I’m not pursuing a job in the arts, though I do daydream about it from time to time. For me drawing is a wonderful passion that helps me relieve the stress of the day and unwind. I love drawing and I love learning how to improve and find my own unique mark to share with the world.

I work mainly with pencil and ink. Many times I’ll touch up drawings in Gimp, Photoshop or Inkscape. I believe strongly in variety, in trying new things and will often experiment with new materials or new styles. Sometimes I’ll discover something really cool, other times it will flop, but the fun is in always trying.

The triumphs, the failures and everything in between you’ll get to see right here. I hope you enjoy what you find. Maybe it will give you a chuckle or two and maybe you’ll even find a new favorite drawing or better yet, perhaps it will inspire you to pick up pencil or pen firmly in hand and join in all the fun.

Welcome to my all out attack on the blank canvas!

Landon John Kanillopoolos






Landon John Kanillopoolos