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All Is Well That Ends Well

Several weeks ago we received a phone call that Heather’s grandfather was being air lifted to a hospital. We immediately rushed to the hospital, it took us two hours to get there and when we did arrive he was just leaving surgery. It was very touch and go for a while, but the surgery went well, despite the odds he made it. We stayed with Heather’s parents for a while so we could be closer to the hospital and visit him while he’s been recovering. He just recently returned home and is feeling much better. Full recovery will take a while and I know that he is still in a great deal of pain, but we are very thankful he pulled through. He is an amazing man and one of the finest storytellers you will ever have the pleasure to meet. He is the type of person that always gathers a crowd around him wherever he goes. You can’t get enough of his stories.

I haven’t had much time to log on to the computer (plus I started a new job last month!). But I have been taking my sketchbook with me everywhere including our visits to the hospital.

Grandpa in HospitalThis is a very quick and dirty sketch of our family visiting grandpa in the hospital. The one curled up in the chair with the Nintendo DS is my wife.

Newsweek Cover

I wish I could claim this as an original, but instead this is based on a wonderful Newsweek cover. The cover story was on how we can improve our ability to learn. Anyone who has visited a relative in the hospital knows that it means a lot of looking at old magazines as you wait to hear any news on your loved one.

Giraffe EatingAlso a doodle of a giraffe about to pluck food from high up in a tree.

I have a lot more scanning and uploading to do, including a watercolor I’m just putting the finishing touches on…

Tumbling Elephants

Tumbling Elephants

This is the start of an idea I’ve had to paint a large group of tumbling elephants. I did this quick sketch to get an idea of if it will work or not and then I’ll do this on a large-scale with watercolors.

I’m going back and forth on whether or not to include clouds in the background to make it instantly readable that they are falling, but I’m leaning towards keeping it simple and having it just be the elephants.

My Wife is the Coolest!

All I can say is that when I’m having a bad day my wife knows exactly how to cheer me up. She is full of surprises! Plus she knows a lot of really awesome people.  =)

For now, here is a frog with a very cool hat from my sketchbook.

Frog With Hat

And cupcakes for everyone!


Thank you. More drawings are coming soon, I have a lot I need to scan in, but first I have some comments to reply to…