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New Feature

I’ve added a link at the top to my personal recommendations. You’ll find a collection of the best books to increase your mastery of art and also some book recommendations just for fun. I will be updating this list on a regular basis so be sure to stop back often.

Check it out! I’m sure you’ll find something new to fall in love with.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Drawing – Drawing, doodling or painting it’s a great way to spend an evening.

Taking a shower – There are few things in life that are guaranteed, but for me taking a shower is one of them. After a shower I always feel better. No exceptions.

Floating around in a pool – Not swimming, that’s not what I do. I float on my back and just let the water take me where it wants. Few things are more calming.

Looking up at the stars – When I was young, at night I’d grab a blanket some hot cocoa and smores and lay down looking up at the stars. Over time I memorized the location of all the constellations in the north sky. It’s always nice at night to glance up and see my old friends.

Camping – Something about camping just mellows me out for the whole year. I believe in lazy camping, forget that roughing it stuff!

Cowboy hats, Hawaiian flower shirts and jean jackets with big pockets – I’ve got style!

Baking cookies – I can bake a mean cookie! I love tinkering with recipes and inventing new cookies. Fortunately for my waist line I enjoy baking them more than eating them, much to the delight of my friends.

Kayaking – A friend got me hooked on paddling. Nothing quite compares to being out on a boat.

Libraries – I grew up practically living at the local library. I’ve always loved libraries. On trips I’m drawn to them, I just can’t pass one by, I love looking at the architecture and décor (not to mention all the books!). My favorite library yet is the Howell public library.

Zoos – Zoos are cool and a great place to sit down and draw.

Graham crackers dipped in milk – A better feel good snack you cannot find.

Pizza – Pepperoni with anchovies! I can never say no to pizza.

Iced coffee – I don’t know why people ever bothered heating up coffee, iced is the best.

Ice cream – Come on, who doesn’t love ice cream? One of my favorites is taking Breyers’ Chocolate ice cream and mixing in almonds and angel flake coconut, for an Almond Joy ice cream. I have no idea why the big mukkety mucks in management haven’t come up with this ice cream flavor yet, it’s awesome!

Walking – After all that great food I need to hit the trails!

Train rides – The only way to travel long distances!

NPR – I go through phases with NPR, sometimes I get sick of listening to talk radio all day. I may not tune in for a day or two, but I always come back to NPR, I can’t resist. My two favorite radio shows right now are This American Life and Car Talk.

Hawaiian music – Makes me happy. Love Iz and others like him.

Country music – Many people are snobbish about country music, they say all the songs are the same, they say it’s always about a guy losing his dog. Those people are wrong, incredibly so. Country music has more variety than any other genre. They sing about more varied subjects than any other genre by a long shot. As far as I’m concerned all the other genres are stuck in a serious rut. Don’t believe me? Tune into your local country station sometime.

Hand and Feet (the card game) – Great card game! My wife and I have an ongoing game with points reaching astronomical numbers. She’s winning… for now.

Gardening – Growing stuff and then eating it, how cool is that?! My favorites are the little orange and yellow tomatoes. So sweet and tasty!

LEGO – The more LEGOs, the better. As a kid I never had trouble coming up with new things to build, but sadly now as an adult my imagination seems to fail me. Must mean I need to play with LEGOs more.

Trucks – I miss my old S-10 truck. Best vehicle I’ve ever had.

Some of my favorite TV shows: Dr. Who, MASH

Some of my favorite Comics:, Calvin and Hobbes, Copper, The Flight Anthologies, Owly, Atomic Robo, Smile, Maus

Some of my favorite Books: Redwall, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Essays from Andy Rooney,, Better Off Flipping the Switch On Technology, Old Man and the Sea 

What are some of your favorite things?