Monthly Archives: May 2011

Internet Outages and Magical Hobos

The last few weeks we’ve been having difficulty getting our Internet to work. Actually, getting it to work is easy, getting it to stay working for more than thirty seconds is frustratingly impossible! Having given up on the Internet working at home I borrowed my wife’s laptop and can now finally update my blog as I sit here in a Beaners coffee shop, sipping tea while the rain patters off the windows. Here are a few of the drawings from the past couple of weeks:

ZogZog from Astroboy! While riding with a friend who has two little kids I noticed they had a toy Zog underneath the seat. I held the toy with one hand and in between potholes I sketched this.

Running Dog After RockwellThis is based on a running dog in one of Norman Rockwell’s paintings.


My throat has been sore the past week and one day while I stayed home sitting on the couch I started doodling and out came this magical hobo. I call him Bob.

Doctor Dinosaur

May 7th was Free Comic Book Day! At Clem’s Collectibles they had a huge sale, I stopped by early to look for any good purchases and pick up my free comic books. One of the free comics I picked up was Atomic Robo (only the best series ever!) and included Doctor Dinosaur, easily the coolest villan this world has ever seen! 

Doctor Dinosaur

I drew this with my puny mammalian hands… and CRYSTALS!!

Loomis Progress


In my Loomis book I’m getting close to the point where he has you draw faces that look more realistic and soon after that we’ll begin concentrating more on the whole body rather than just the face. Which is good because I am itching to do more. Loomis is a great teacher and his books are invaluable, but you can only draw old-timey faces for so long before you go crazy and run off to join a barbershop quartet!

Loomis and Lugnuts

Waking up an hour earlier to draw is working out great. I don’t miss that extra hour of sleep as much as I thought I would. In the morning everything is quiet, calm and you feel fresh, perfect for drawing.

Loomis Drawing

This started out as a Loomis drawing and somewhere along the way it turned into something evil and foreboding!

Baseball Contour Drawing

This past Sunday me and eighty other friends went to a Lugnut’s baseball game for their Eat-A-Palooza, all you can eat  free food! I must admit I’m not a huge baseball fan, but I am a huge fan of free food! I brought my drawing supplies and tried my hand at quick contour drawings of the players. Trying to catch their movement as fast as I can. Getting the actual pitch was difficult since it only lasted for the briefest of milliseconds. I have pages and pages filled with contour drawings from the game. It was a lot of fun and I think it helped loosen up my drawing.

As much as I loved it I don’t think my other friends were as excited about the drawings. A friend came over and sat next to me glancing over my shoulder, she asked what was I drawing, I explained and then she replied “Huh… soooo… you got any other drawings you can show me? You know… something impressive?”

Later on in the game I drew the attention of a crowd of young ones. They were enthralled with the drawings and asked if they could draw something. It wasn’t long before I had lost all my sketching supplies to a small gang of kids. They were having a blast drawing kittens, puppies and small horses. Drawing can be very contagious!

Despite the Lugnuts loosing badly we all had a great time (and stuffed ourselves silly), I’ll have to go back again sometime soon.