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Kate Cosgrove’s Gallery of Fun Art

I took a break from work today to sneak over to the Lansing Art Gallery and got a chance to see Kate Cosgrove’s art show a little before the official opening reception (reception tonight at 7pm!). It was amazing! My favorite was a piece that had a giant octopus sneaking up on an unwary bunny rabbit. You’ve gotta check it out! Click the link for all the details of the show.

In other news, I just ordered my new shoes from Converse. They allow you to customize them to exactly the look you want. I included my MuddyParasol handle on the side of the shoe. I can’t wait for them to arrive in the mail!


The past two weeks have been so crazy busy I haven’t had much time to draw and finally when I do have some time I’m too exhausted to think straight!

I’m planning on trying to get up an hour earlier so I can give myself an hour each day to focus on drawing (emphasis on the word “trying”). I’m not too excited about loosing an hour of sleep, but my schedule doesn’t look to get any less crazier and this may be the only way to get some relaxation and keep my sanity. I start tomorrow, we’ll see how it goes.

Vincent van Gogh’s Improvement

Vincent van Gogh is considered by many to be the greatest artist of all time. His dedication to his art is legendary. Yet looking at his early work gives hope for many of us. His first drawings and paintings weren’t masterpieces, like all of us he had to learn the hard way. Making mistake after mistake, but progressively getting better.

There has been an extremely popular Meme floating around the internet created by Kamaniki, where you show your artistic improvement over the years. I’ve had the idea of doing one of Van Gogh for some time. I have yet to see anyone else do this and I found it quite enlightening and most of all inspiring. I hope you do too!

(click image for full size)

Van Gogh Improvement Meme (Small)

Unfortunately I had to crop the paintings down quite a bit to be able to fit them into the boxes provided and it was difficult choosing what image to use having so many to choose from (towards the end of his life Van Gogh was averaging a painting a day) so I encourage you to look up more of Vincent’s artwork, you’ll find it worth the effort. I recommend starting at the Vincent van Gogh museum you can find their online gallery here.

Template created by Kamaniki, artwork by Vincent van Gogh, assembled and put together by Landon Kanillopoolos.

Pure Craziness

I don’t even know where to start! With everything that’s happened in the last few months it’s been a crazy ride. Some bad things and some good things. In my last post I mentioned that my wife and I were not feeling well, unfortunately it didn’t end there. We both came down with pneumonia and were sicker than we had ever been in our lives. Our doctor said that we really should be in the hospital, but allowed us to stay at home as long as we checked back in with her regularly. Fortunately Heather’s parents, Tim and Robin, were kind enough to take us into their home (despite us coughing, hacking up phlegm all the time and generally smelling like rotting death) and help nurse us back to health. They rock!

While we were still recovering we were supposed to move to our new apartment in Grand Ledge. Since we were too sick to move anything, our friends and family volunteered to help move us. By help I mean, they went over to clean up our tissue covered apartment, pack everything up, load it onto their vehicles and move it to our new apartment, while we stayed at mom and dad’s and watched Anne of Green Gables in between hacking and coughing. Have I mentioned we have the coolest friends ever?

We’re very happy with our new place. We love being back in the country and already we can feel that this is home.

Heather’s work let go of her because she had to take time off work while being sick which is ridiculous, but the good news is we did finally get better and we are completely over it now. I had to cancel my drawing class at LCC because of a schedule conflict, but I’m hoping to sign back up this Summer.

My great-grandmother Nanna (who was an extremely talented painter) passed away. Sadly because of being sick I couldn’t be with her when she passed away, but I was able to make her funeral. I’ll tell you more about her and the life she led in a future post and post some of her artwork, but for now I will just say that she is an amazing, amazing woman.

As you can see the last few months have been pure craziness and that’s just the beginning. We’ve been so side-tracked that today is actually the first day that I unpacked and hooked my computer back up. Somehow through everything I have kept drawing. Here is some of my work from the past few months:


While trying to cheer up my sick wife I drew a sketch of myself in a breather mask and included an inside joke that only us and other Doctor Who fans would get.

After Norman Rockwell

After Norman Rockwell. I’ve always loved the way he would do expressions.

After Vera Brosgol

After Vera Brosgol.

Even More Loomis

Lots more Loomis! More than my sketch books can handle! But all you get to see is this one.

Doodles in the Car

Doodles done while riding in the car. I carry my sketchbook everywhere.

Shooting Star

Shooting Star!


And now I’m going to take a well deserved nap. Night all!