Monthly Archives: January 2011

The Past Week


The guy on the lower left came out pretty freaky looking. That wasn’t what I intended at all! I was doodling Kevin from the TV show The Office, a cuddly dim-witted office worker and somehow it came out looking like someone from a horror flick!

Man Sleeping


I’ve always liked Melting Doll’s style so I shamelessly and poorly copied a drawing of her’s in the upper right (I changed it from a frown to a smile at my wife’s comment that she looked too unhappy) and then tried to draw in the same style in the lower left. And yes I know that the piano is nowhere near accurate.

Loomis Happy Face

Another Loomis exercise.

Tilted Hat

Squid and Snowman


My wife and I have been miserably sick this past week and to help keep ourselves from going completely stir crazy we went and bought a PS3 and have been playing Little Big Planet like crazy.