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Capital Building

Capital Building

My wife was doing a photo shoot near the Capital Building in Lansing, I decided to tag along and while they were busy taking pictures I scribbled this very rough doodle of the dome. I can never tell if it’s supposed to be capitol or capital? To make matters more confusing I work at the Capital Area District Library which has it’s headquarters off Capitol Ave!

And no, the capital is not actually leaning to one side. Curse my doodling skills! If I was drawing the Leaning Tower of Pisa I’d probably draw it perfectly straight up and down!


KnifeThis knife was given to me by my father-in-law Tim, a truly amazing person. He taught me how to sharpen it to a razor sharp point. I use this knife for many things, but most often I use it to sharpen my pencils to a good point. Something about using this knife gives me a warm feeling every time I go to pick it up. Something between nostalgia and a Hemingway / Jack London feel

Influences and Inspirations

MuddyParasols InfluencesThis is a meme that has been floating around Deviant Art for a while now. I found it interesting to think hard on who or what I look to for inspiration and guidance.

The influences are from left to right: 1. Kazu Kibuishi, 2. Books! 3. Samurai Jack, 4. Vincent van Gogh, 5. MindCandyMan’s Journey of an Absolute Rookie, 6. Aaron Diaz aka Dresden Codak, 7. Artist’s Corner forum, 8. Leonid Afremov, 9. Kate Cosgrove, 10. and finally Scribblenauts!