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Growing up, I like many young kids loved playing with LEGO. Now that I’m older I started collecting them again. Ahh how I wish I had kept all my sets from childhood. The sets from when I was a kid were truly the best (of course I’m sure everyone thinks that). My favorites are the Pirate sets, Aquanauts and Ice Planet! My wife, the amazing wonderful enabler that she is, surprised me by buying me a Brickmaster subscription. LEGO sends me a new LEGO set every two months. Best gift ever!

With LEGO I’ve made a sad and very upsetting discovery; I find I just don’t have the imagination I had as a child. Back then, almost as soon as I finished building a set, I’d tear it down to build my own creation. Sadly nowadays I stick to the LEGO designed sets and when I try to build something new, my imagination gives me the busy signal.



Television, the zombifier of civilization. MMMHHHH… argg… must… have… tasty… TeeVeee!

We don’t have cable, satellite and now we can’t even get the basic channels. All static all the time, just the way I like it! Partly because of the cost, but mainly because I hate that feeling you get when you realize that you are a couch potato. We did however sign up for Netflix recently, we figured it’d give us something to watch occasionally and the cost was cheap.

It works great, when we’re in the mood we can watch a movie without running down to Blockbuster and there’s enough time between rentals that there is no worry about becoming a couch potato. Everything was good… but then we found out we could stream Netflix movies from our Wii! Oh noes!

Hello my name is Landon and I am a couch potato. We’ve been staring at the TV a lot lately… brain feels numb… One day while watching TV, I figured since I’m staring at it I might as well draw it. Makes sense right?

The streaming Netflix is way too cool to give up (I’m addicted now) even though I still don’t care for the couch potato feeling. I guess I have no choice, I’m going to have to go get some of that self-control everyone is talking about. Bah, remote-control is so much easier…

Easter Island Statue

Easter Island Statue

This is not a drawing of an Easter Island statue. No, this is a drawing of a fish tank replica of an Easter Island statue that I saw in a pet store once. Big difference! Or maybe not…

Every time I see a picture of those big ‘ole Easter Island statues my first thought is “Cool!” and then I think “I should look up more about them and about the island and the people there” and then I proceed to do something else and I get distracted and I never end up looking up anything. Then I see another picture and the cycle begins again.

You know I should look up something on them right now, while I have the time. Yeah! But first I’m going to go check my e-mail real quick…

Chicago Field Museum

Museum Picture

Several months ago when we took our trip to Chicago I came back with a gaggle of gigs of photos that I intended to use as reference for drawing. Finally after all this time I’ve gotten around to it! This picture I took of my wife viewing an Egyptian statue at the Chicago Field Museum. I liked the way she is standing and I snapped the picture before she knew I was behind her.


This is a rough sketch I did using the above picture. I like it, but I feel I didn’t quite get my wife’s pose right. I would erase and redraw over and over, but I just couldn’t get her pose down.

Museum Trace

This final one I feel captured the feel better. But I have to admit, I feel sorta guilty… I kinda cheated on this one… for parts of it I used a very light paper and traced over the outlines of the photo.

So what do we learn from this post? First, I am a procrastinator and second, I am a dirty rotten cheat, but an honest cheat! I think I can live with that.  🙂

Cool Dude

Bar Dude

A while back, before all the craziness started, a group of us went out to a bar for karaoke. And yes, to answer your question, I did sing, much to the dismay of all in attendance. It was a good night to have a hearing aid with a dead battery! While there I noticed this guy a couple of tables down and I tried to quickly and discreetly sketch him. I think the sketch captured his tough-guy attitude just right, but more importantly he never noticed me glancing over and I walked out of the bar safe and unharmed. The same cannot be said of my eardrums.