Monthly Archives: March 2010

Teddy Bear


My first teddy bear, I still have him after all these years. I took some liberties and added a nose to my drawing. The actual teddy bear has lost it’s nose a long time ago in a camping accident and some of his stuffing pokes out here and there. I drew him as he once was, when both he and I were much younger. Despite his wear and tear I still get a little warm fuzzy feeling when I look at him.


As some of you may have noticed already I’ve spruced the place up a bit. I’ve added some nice actual, real life (okay.. maybe not real, real life) buttons to the site rather than those boring old links. I’ve removed the category system all together, now everything will be grouped in the Home category. To replace the categories I’ve added a few static web pages, an expanded About Me page (stalkers take note), a modified Portfolio page and finally a nifty little Contact page where you can… contact me. I think I just felt a shiver go down my spine. Eeek!

All in all it’s mainly some small changes, but it’s enough to get me excited! Hope you like it and if not… here is a flower:


Crazy Hat

Crazy Hat

I used pencil and ink to draw my craziest of hats. One of my favorites, bought at a local jazz festival. All the bumps and lumps made it fun to draw.

Crazy Multicolor Hat

Adding color really brought it to life. I used a sponge filter in Photoshop to add just a little bit of texture to the drawing. I couldn’t be happier with how the whole thing turned out.



A while back my wife’s little sister texted us with an awesome picture of herself looking all debonair and classy in some oversized glasses. I’m afraid my humble sketch drawing can’t even come close to touching the awesomeness of that picture, but I tried my best to capture it. I hope she likes it.