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Rough Sketches of a Broken Down Truck

Rough Sketch of Car

My days are so busy I barely have time to breathe! Ugh! I wish things would slow down. As soon as I get one thing done another needs doing, while two other things slip through the cracks. I’ve had to get creative to keep drawing. I pass by this broken down truck all the time, one day I was across the street waiting in my car for a couple of friends, so I grabbed a pen and a couple of index cards and started sketching.

Indiana Jones

I took a break last night and my wife and I sat down to watch the new Indiana Jones movie. The action scenes were fun to watch, but that’s about the only good thing I can say about the movie. Shia LaBeouf was perhaps the worst casting choice since Jar Jar Binks. I cringed every time he came on screen. Even that could have been forgiven but the movie just didn’t feel like Indiana Jones and that I cannot forgive.

While watching the movie I jotted down a couple of sketches:

Grave Digging Time

I like it… the sketches that is. The movie, not so much.  🙂

Lego Inspired Submarine

Lego Sub

A few days ago I drew a small submarine inspired by a Lego MOC I had done not too long ago. It’s a side view of the sub and probably would have looked better had I used another angle, but I was feeling lazy. I added color with Photoshop. I grew up on Lego and Aquanauts were always one of my favorite themes. I loved building all those yellow submarines with the spinning propellers and little diver minifigures. I wish I had kept those old sets. Lego has a new underwater Lego theme, it’s good, but it just doesn’t compare to the nostalgia filled sets I grew up with.



Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain suggests that you create two viewfinders (a large one and a small one) for use with some of their exercises. I created mine out of cardboard and some clear plastic that was being thrown away at work. I painted the cardboard a dark blue since I didn’t have any black paint. After gluing it all together I took a ruler, a permanent marker and drew lines crossing in the middle to divide the viewer into four equal squares.

You hold up the viewfinder and draw with a dry-erase marker on the clear plastic. Above is a tracing of me giving the peace sign (or scissors in a heated rock, paper, scissors game).

Sloth Trace

I went back and traced the photo of the sloth that I had tried to draw earlier. This time I captured the ninja-esque quality that I couldn’t get before. I’m very happy with how this turned out.

Feet up on the Chair

I traced  the view of my feet up on a chair I was using as a footstool. Winston Churchill once saidNever stand when you can sit and never sit when you can lie down”. I follow that advice religiously.

Scrunched Hand

This was kinda wierd. I scrunched up my hand, balancing the viewfinder on the tips of my fingers and traced what I saw. My wife pointed out that my hands look huge when traced in the viewfinder, I replied “but my hands are huge”, she grinned and said: “Oh… yeah, I guess you’re right”.  🙂

Holding Pen

I traced my hand holding a pen. I’m right-handed, but since my right hand was busy tracing, my left had to step in and model. For not having much experience holding pens I think my left hand did a good job.

Thumbs Up

And lastly my hitchhiker pose. The really nice thing about these viewfinders is that it makes it a lot easier to study hands and to get an idea of how to draw them so that they look natural.